A book Written by Raafat Majzoub and published and distributed within issue 01 of the Outpost Magazine.


L’Origine(s) du Monde, referencing Gustav Courbet’s 1866 painting, is a children’s story that aspires to construct the idea of a shared body and a responsibility towards our own actions.

The narrative of the book is accessible to children, but is relevant to readers of any age. The message of the book centers on the fact that we are the origin of the world and tangibly share the universe. The book is licensed under Creative Commons to encourage its dissemination, translation and adaptation in different educational and creative media.

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 +  Talent Award in Sharjah International Book Fair 2013 


 +  ​Selected in Bologna International Book Fair 2013


 +  Adapted into a play by theater director Lina Abyad 2013. 

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